Mostly absent cute puppies in this one

Vagabond (Foster Puppies Book 2)Vagabond by A.R. Steele

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked a lot about this book but I’m afraid the Master/sub light element during sex really didn’t work for me, instead of it coming across as erotic, it made me giggle.

Having said that, I liked repressed Ludlow, with his life plans already mapped out, and I liked flighty Dick (and sorry but yes I also giggled every time I read his name too) who never stayed in one place for long.

They worked well as a pairing. The cute puppy didn’t really have much of a role in this one other than by being in the house and the bad client at work plotline, yeah not sure how that made it out of beta. It really didn’t work and just came across as utterly implausible.

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