Conflicted with this one

Temptation's InfernoTemptation’s Inferno by Kat Mizera

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The cover for this book pulled me in and once I started reading it, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to actually like it.

In the end I’ve come in neutral, it was a drama lama ride through a serious amount of angsty stuff but there was also a good romance at the core of it.

I haven’t read anything by this author before, including book one in this series, but it didn’t really affect my understanding. Who was who and what had happened to them was explained without it being too much exposition.

I could have done without the M/F stuff but it was clearly presented that there would be some. It didn’t, imho, distract from the main relationship between Jamie and Viggo.
I’m not sure I’ll read any more though.

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