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The Art of Mutual PleasureThe Art of Mutual Pleasure by K.A. Merikan

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All ends up brilliantly fulfilled. And that’s just what shy, naive Benjamin gets when he sets off on his journey to enlightenment.

This is a very clever book, in that it looks at the Regency period when quacks peddling all kinds of ludicrous cures prayed on the folks of London and fleeced them of their hard earned coins.

It’s also a highly erotic book, looking at one specific medical theorem which held that men only had so much semen in their bodies and spilling it by masturbating would weaken it.

After witnessing a teenage moment between two schoolboys while a boarder, Benjamin sets off down the road of self-pleasure but he’s bedevilled with guilt and believes himself to be getting weaker each time he spills his seed.

At times its painful to read as his incredibly naivety puts him into dodgy situations and as he struggles with his feelings as he gets ever more debauched while still retaining his child like innocence.

Frederick was a gem and he’s been keeping an eye out on Benjamin since the two men met up a decade or so after that incident at school. Once they got together things got even hotter and more erotic than they had been but they also brought a bundle of true emotions with them.

These two know how to write sex scenes that reach combustible levels and this story is no exception. Enjoy it, but keep a fan handy to cool yourself down because it’s volcanic.

#ARC kindly provided by the authors in return for an unbiased review.

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