It looks a lot like love to me

What It Looks LikeWhat It Looks Like by Matthew J. Metzger

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I decided to read this book based on Judith’s review:… and I am so incredibly glad I did. I had to wait a day before I wrote this review, I wanted to be at my keyboard not using my Kindle so I could properly articulate what I wanted to say without having to mess about with a touchscreen!

Wow, just wow. This is book is quite simply staggeringly good. It looks at so many different aspects of a relationship and parses them all into a coherent story of two imperfect perfect people, Eli and Rob, and the multitude of others that surround them.

It’s set in my beloved Yorkshire for a lot of the book, that’s also something you don’t often find in an MM romance.

Eli is not your typical male “hero”, he’s the son of a Police Chief Inspector and a forensic scientist and his boyfriend Rob is a man with a criminal past who has spent time in prison. Eli is slender and yet he’s the one who holds the power in the dynamic and Rob has been more supportive of Eli than any of his own family were.

The power exchanges between the two are fascinating to read, they’re hot as hell too, and seriously kinky, the BDSM is well done here, it’s an integral part of how the two men communicate but it’s also harsh at times and sometimes it’s brutal. But it’s also powerfully beautiful, emotionally supportive, loving and affectionate.

This isn’t a conventional romance, but it absolutely is a romance. The two men support each other and provide the encouragement for each to improve their lives, Rob wants Eli to go back to art college, something his family have dismissed as a waste of time as it wouldn’t lead to a proper career, Eli helps Rob stop with his petty criminal activities (it’s selling weed and a bit of distribution of stolen goods).

The language is also harsh, it may be difficult to understand for none native English speakers (and some English speakers!) as it has a lot of Yorkshire dialect usage, but it’s incredibly realistic and Metzger should be commended (speaking as a Yorkshire girl 🙂 ) for how accurate he portrays life in both Sheffield and the surrounding area.

Don’t expect hearts and flowers, you won’t get them here as such, but you will get a lot of unexpected love and an ending which is surprising but also honest.

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