Wow, not what I expected at all

ExposedExposed by Bey Deckard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5* This book was a surprise from start to finish and nothing like what I was expecting – in a most pleasant way.

I’m not really one for the daddy kink, but here it was done in such a way that it never once felt skeevy or creepy, just a natural way for Emyr to express how much Greg turned him on.

I utterly loved the Welsh/British elements to the book, the scene at the beginning along Embankment being even more poignant in the light of what’s happened in London today not that far away.

The kink was super smexy, very powerful, even the spanking, which isn’t usually a thing I enjoy reading about, worked so well. I never felt like Emyr needed the kink to be okay, which I’ve read a lot of in some BDSM books, it was just an extra level of intimacy.

I liked Greg too, he never came across as being a creeper, just a guy who’d been badly hurt and burdened with an excess of guilt to the point where he had no confidence in his Dom skills anymore.
Reading him come out of his shell was as delightful as seeing Emyr blossom into his sexuality.

A great bunch of supporting characters also helped to fully ground this novel. Loved it.

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