Bitty, no real story narrative and a few editing mistakes

The WarehouseThe Warehouse by Jason Collins

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This wasn’t good, it read for a long time like some 15 year-old girl’s romantic idea of what an instant attraction should be like.

There were duplicated paragraphs almost word for word in the opening two chapters and the book contradicted itself early on too. Sloppy editing mistakes didn’t help with the flow of the story and I’m afraid the whole thing was just a bit outlandish.

I’m not sure there are public go go dance clubs where the patrons are allowed to suck off the dancers, or where the dancers get it on with each other on stage, I though that thing was restricted to private members only places licensed for sex work. So it made the narrative unbelievable for a lot of the plot.

Throw in a random stalker plot, plus the ‘straight’ guy’s girlfriend being an artificial roadblock because she was the boss’s daughter, and this book was a whole heap of mess.

Sorry, I don’t like to be critical just for the sake of it, but with a bit of thought and some better polishing, this would have been a much more coherent read.

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