Smoking hot return to Metropolis

Working It (Metropolis Book 2)Working It by Riley Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hot, hot, hot, this book is explosive. In Working It Devon and Riley take the reader back to their skyscraper of ridiculously hot men with a beautifully paced story of friends with benefits turning into something much stronger.

I loved book one but this one is even better as I found Hayden and Cody’s relationship a bit less stressy and a lot more of a gentle slide into romance – with the added benefit of some incendiary sexy times. There’s a lot of humour in this one too, the guys laugh a lot together and there’s not as much angsty or dramatic moments.

Hayden was a nicely constructed character, I liked that he wasn’t sure where his life was going and how he was trying to find a new one after breaking up with his ex.
Cody also could have been a one note character, fixated on his pained upbringing, but instead the authors made him an optimistic and encouraging friend to Hayden.

I loved reading their relationship grow slowly as they figured out that the friends with benefits option of their relationship wasn’t enough anymore. Oh and the scene with Finn, make sure you’ve got a) a fan and b) a towel to hand when reading that one. Methinks that sailor boy needs his own story. It’s not easy to write something generally considered “porny” without making it porn but in the hands of these two authors it felt perfectly placed and constructed within the narrative.

The epilogue was all ends up sweet as well. Now we wait for Derek’s story and I’m intrigued as to see how Devon and Riley handle him and stop him from becoming too full on annoying.

Oh, and that cover, where can I get one please?! That’s pretty much my dream guy.

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