This is a very sweet story but it felt a bit lacking in exploration of the issues raised

Danced Close (Portland Heat, #6)Danced Close by Annabeth Albert

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I’m not sure where I’m going with this review because there were elements that I absolutely loved and parts where there didn’t seem to be a full fleshing out of the situation.

I loved that this book introduced a genderfluid character in Kendall, but it then didn’t really go anywhere else with expanding on what that meant, other than in terms of him liking to look pretty and have a more ‘feminine’ style on some occasions.
Yes it mentioned the issue of what people thought or how they reacted towards Kendall’s fluidity as a brief throwaway, but it seemed more to just be there as the unique tick for his character.

With Todd we got a bit more depth into his sobriety and the causes of his previous addictions but the reader was also left to assume how he ended up with other complications in his life which would have been better explained I felt.

Both had had relationship issues in the past which made them wary and perhaps too easy to fall into doubt and the mini dramatic angst moment just didn’t really feel earned by the narrative.

However, having said all of the above, this series is fundamentally about finding love among the disparate people who make up this crazy world we live in and ultimately, the romance between them worked, and worked well, as a believable relationship.
As it’s Albert, there’s also a super sweet epilogue showing them still together and still happy.

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