Seriously sweet and totally nerdy

Perfect Game (Legendary Pairs, #1)Perfect Game by Casey Cameron

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Holding my hand up now to owning a multitude of Magic the Gathering decks. My avatar is the .44 magnum by NeNe Thomas from the Vampire the Masquerade: Jyhad card game. I am that CCG nerd.

So this book was ace. I loved this little sneak peak into the world of pro card gaming, it’s one that’s a study in contrasts from the excitement of realising you’ve got a winning deck to soul crushing despair when you can’t get any cards out and you get your arse kicked.

Loved Neil and Robin and while things moved fast, it did work as a pairing and their little argument was both realistic and truthful. I’ve fallen out with the OH on more than one occasion over his white angelic deck.

The epilogue was super sweet and I liked that it was a big jump in the future, not just a few weeks! It lost a star for being so short but otherwise, great story with enough steam to keep things bubbling.

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