Wonderful mix of romance, humour and heat in this new series

Faking It (Metropolis Book 1)
Faking It by
Riley Hart and Devon McCormack

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh God this book made me laugh loads but it also nearly made me cry too.

Riley Hart and Devon McCormack separately are two of my fave M/M authors but when they write together they make magic happen.

This is the first in a new collaboration between the two and it had a lovely light touch to everything, even when some serious emotions were being dragged out.

While I knew it would have a HEA, I was very pleasantly surprised by the journey to it. This book avoided a lot of the usual plot cliches of a drama at 70% in, or the typical misunderstandings which get used to create tension.
Instead we had two men who’d been hurt by their earlier life experiences and were just a little bit scarred by it, not sure how to deal with where their originally fake boyfriend agreement was going.

As I’d expect from either of these authors, there was a lot of well written sex, but never there just to distract the reader, but as an example of how each found a strength in their joining from the other.

I loved both Travis and Gary and the realistic way they both reacted to, and dealt with, uncomfortable situations.

And the cover alone on this one is worth five stars 😉

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