My heart’s a quivering mess

Overexposed (In Focus, #4)Overexposed by Megan Erickson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

See that quivering mess, that’s my heart that is, after this book took it, grabbed it, squeezed it a bit and then just for good measure, decided to stick a knife right through it before eventually wrapping it up in bubble wrap and singing a lullaby at it to calm it down.

This is hands down my favourite of all the In Focus series, not taking away anything from the other three because let’s be honest, #JusLanForeverRight?! But this one spoke to me on so many levels, not least the military aspect of it.

Part of it comes from having so many serving or former military people in not only both mine and partner’s families, but also among our friends, as well as that feeling of wondering just how you pick yourself up after a loss, how do you live with a changed family dynamic.

I’d guessed Thad’s secret long before it came out but even so, it still packed a real emotional punch. I felt Levi’s pain, his sense of betrayal, his quite understandable fears of not being able to stay on the sidelines again while a loved one deployed. It’s incredibly hard to be the ones left at home, to be a military spouse or partner is an incredible sacrifice.

But this wasn’t all doom and gloom, there was enough of the reality TV star sass we got to see from Levi in book three to help keep this book from being too much of an emotional weight and there was just enough sexual exchanges to keep the tensions on the boil. Their first time together was lovingly crafted, real and emotionally charged.

As I’ve said with each of the books in this series, they don’t feel NA, they have a maturity to the dialogue and the story telling which elevates them out of the everyday recounting of young men just into their 20s taking their first steps into “proper” adulthood.

But please Megan, don’t leave Matty’s tale untold, he needs to find his beach holiday guy too for the epilogue appearances.

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