Running out of superlatives

Out of Frame (In Focus #3)Out of Frame by Megan Erickson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, this is becoming a problem for me, you see, as someone with a 20-year journalism career, I shouldn’t be running out of superlatives to describe the books in this series, but I am.

I’ve already used fabulous characterisation, I’ve used wonderful scene setting, I’ve even thought about incredible sex scenes (then again, who doesn’t think about those eh?!) So I think what it basically comes down to is that Megan Erickson’s In Focus series is the bomb, the dog’s bollocks, the big cheese, the top of the tree, it’s basically just bloody brilliant.

This time we’re not road tripping, oh no, this time we’re venturing out onto the choppy waters of a Caribbean cruise – although I’d probably want my money back as no one ever seemed to get off to visit and do touristy things.

Still, the things they did get up to on-board more than made up for it. Sweet, gorgeous unassuming Quinn, bold and brash but undeniably brilliant Jay, together they found the strength to take a leap of faith.

And what a leap it was, not just the actual one, 12ft into a swimming pool, but that one where you tentatively hand over your heart to someone else’s care.

For Jay it was having the courage to be himself, a bisexual black actor, out and proud no matter if utmost him roles or that he couldn’t save to pay for his brother’s medical treatment.
For Quinn it was breaking free of his well meaning but stifling parents and taking control of his life, learning that he didn’t have to consider every angle first, that he could live in the moment.

The epilogue was all ends up awesome and yay for more #JusLan and some #Rilin (okay so I totally made up that ship name for Riley and Colin, maybe #Coley works better 🙂 I dunno) but I love how the couples from the previous books all come together in them.

Oh yeah, I might have drooled a bit at the cover on this one too.

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