#JusLanForever – I loved these boys

Trust the Focus (In Focus #1)Trust the Focus by Megan Erickson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Landry how much do I love thee? Well, let’s start by saying lots and lots for many reasons, the biggest being how you put up with Justin’s behaviour on the road trip.

As for you Justin, well at first I wanted to shake you a lot and possibly give you a small kick up the backside. Then I realised violence is never the answer, especially not for someone who was struggling so hard to be true to themselves, so then I wanted to give you lots of big hugs and tell you it gets better.

Thankfully you found your own courage and did what you needed to do to trust in yourself and to find your best you. And it was right that you did it for yourself and not for Landry, even though we all know he was a big factor in you making that step.

Once you’d sorted yourself out though, I absolutely loved how you went for it 100% all out, taking charge of your destiny and writing that epic list of five things you needed to do.

Sally was a character all in her own right, and the imagery of her tooling down a dusty straight road with no other traffic but her is one which will now bring fond memories alongside the smell of cinnamon, which has always been one of my favourite spices.

So thank you Megan, for letting these boys out into the world and allowing us to ride shotgun for a while, they really were worth it #JusLanForever

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