Really enjoyable shifter read

Bitten By Mistake (Regent's Park Pack, #1)Bitten By Mistake by Annabelle Jacobs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not usually a reader of shifter related books, Kendall McKenna’s Tameness of the Wolf being the exception, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

While werewolf politics played the major role in the plot for this story, it wasn’t the biggest driving force between the two MCs, that was firmly in the sexual attraction and tension front and it was very well done.

There are a few narrative plot points which don’t get explained, like how Jared bought his Camden flat, worth nearly a cool half million quid, which is never fully revealed as his graphic designer salary would have to be insanely high for him to have bought it outright. I just told myself it was probably family inheritance and moved on!

The emotional elements relating to the werewolf relationship parts of the story were well done, as were pack dynamics and the overall world building of the culture.

It’s set in London but I didn’t feel a particular British vibe from any of the characters or in the locations settings but, again, it wasn’t anything which distracted from the relationship part of the book.

And oh boy, what a relationship it was! The enemies to lovers aspect was well played out, the reasons for their confinement together made sense and I liked that the ending wasn’t the obvious choice and instead left room for manoeuvre.

Hot smexy throughout and a truly powerful connection between Jared and Nathan really pulled this story together.
I’d definitely read more about these type of shifters.

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