Refugee Crisis Factsheet (A Brief Summary of The Blog Entry)

brilliant summation

Johnny Wishbone


1. “We have thousands of homeless in Britain and nearly 1 million using food banks, let’s sort our own house first.”

This argument can be dismissed far better by the use of a satirical meme:

brilliant meme

But in all seriousness the domestic scene and the humanitarian crisis on the Continent are two wholly separate issues than can be tackled concurrently. “Charity begins at home” is an odious phrase that can be used in perpetuity, since the UK population is always going to express grievances with the current state of things within the country.

Helping you poor and vulnerable compatriots and assisting those overseas are not mutually exclusive.

2. “Saudi Arabia, and the other Gulf States, are all rich countries and they are doing nothing to help. Why should we?”

This objection assumes that all Syrians are Muslims and therefore Islamic countries should be the ones to offer sanctuary. However, 10% of…

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